Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today, I Am a Man.

Howdy! Summer is over and fall is here, and Mom and Dad are having to make peace with the fact that I look like this now:

Yup, definitely more 'little boy' than baby! I can say my entire alphabet, and I can read out letters on everything from street signs to T-shirts.  I can count to eleven, and am starting to recognize numbers on sight, too!  Not only that, but Mom and Dad have caught me stringing words together a few times.  "Mama, read it," and "Ollie's shoes" were big hits.

 I even get my own seat on an airplane, most of the time. Sit on your lap and be read to?  I don't think so, my good man.

Still, I try to make time for fun. You tell me what's better than spaceship pajamas and a hat with skulls on it (or 'monkeys,' as I claim)!

Well, there's always wearing just a hat with skulls on it.

Watch this space!

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